“The Adventures of Oskar_The Fishing Dog”

It’s is hard to judge our experience, continually trapped in our own human form, because from here we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. So let’s take a break and look at things in Oskar’s world. Sometimes when we see the same situation through different eyes we see in a light what we would not see looking from our same old attitude and thus a whole new world can open up to us.
OK this is Oskar’s equivalent to the 4 minute mile. I will have to interpret Oskar’s barks for you; I hope I do him justice.
One day I took my little fishing friend with me into the high country and a unique event unfolded. The area I fish was flooded 7 months earlier by a huge flood and this was my first trip back here since, the banks were cleared and I was able to walk up stream further than I ever had walked before. Then Oskar disappeared into the bush I called and I called, then I heard a thumping noise then all of a sudden out of nowhere came this kangaroo it was larger then me and bounding toward me at full hop and at the last it bounded away off to the left of me than appear Oskar in full gallop so proud of himself he had rounded up a roo. Oskar is 7kg this Roo 70+kg “Go Figure”. Oskar was pleased with himself and if I would have played my part we could have caught that roo together, so he thought.
The full tail and an important life lesson is on Oskar’s 4 Minute Mile.


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The Sower’s Project begins

I have so many ideas of what I am to achieve with this blog, but when it is all said and done and when the blog is over if I haven’t made friends of thousands and I haven’t been heard by millions if I have only change one soul by the experience, let it be my heart that melts and changes to become warmer to the thousands and more pleasant to the millions so at least one hears, and if it is only one who sees the error of his ways let it be me who is adjusted to see you as you wish to be seen. For only then shall I see He who created me as He is; for I shall be like Him who see you as you wish to be seen.

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